Software for Mobiles

    1. Urdu Quran and Tafseer for Android devices

    2. Quran (Arabic Only)

    • This is complete Quran text without any translation and Araabs. [Download]
    • This is complete Quran with statndard Arabic text [Download]
    • Another software of Quran with standard Arabic text. [Download]

    3. Prayer Timings

    • This is very useful software to get prayer times all over the world. [Download]
    • Tells prayer timings and Qibla Direction in major cities of world.[Download]
    • This is compass software that can help you find Qibla direction.[Download]

    4. Food Advisor

    • This software can be used to know whether a particular E number is safe and has animal source or not[Download]

    5. Misc

    • Hijri Calendar - [Download]
    • XCalc - Draws algebric equations. [Download]
    • Shopping List - Tired of forgetting things to buy in super market? Here is the solution![Download]
    • German <-> English Dictionary - A tiny dictionary that might help you sometime. [Download]
    • SafeStore - Safe Store is a basic utility for storing passwords and other sensitive information and protecting them with a global password. [Download]